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      We are father and son living in a Barcelona ecovillage ( ) and we are looking to travel to Baleares on sailboat or catamaran this summer. We have no boat, only our hands and the experience of a couple of previous trips on sailboats. We look for someone who wants to take us from Barcelona or a near point. We offer work, species and/or money, and we can also provide organic fruit and vegetables from our harvest. We are breaded and we have 9 and 42 years! And i speak french, english and spanish. If you know something, our contact is

      a hug!

      Arnau and martiluaUps, no se si este es el lugar adecuado. Somos padre e hijo de una ecoaldea en Barcelona ( y estamos buscando zarpar este verano hacía las Baleares. No tenemos barco, solo nuestra manos y la experiencia de un par de viajes anteriores en veleros. Buscamos alguien que nos quiera llevar desde Barcelona o un punto no muy lejano. Ofrecemos intercanvio de curro, especies y/o dinero, y podemos aportar también verdura y fruta ecològica de nuestra cosecha. Somos apañados y tenemos 9 y 42 años! Hablo inglés, francés, catalan, español y lo básico de italiano. Si sabes de algo, nuestro contacto es

      un abrazo!

      arnau y martilua

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      Hola Arnau,

      Best thing to do is to get to the marinas and ask for a ride to everyone you see is more or less ready to go. People will normally give you advice and sure you’ll find your way over there. This works best than any other way, specially through this little starting forum yet not as big as to attract as many rides as people wanting to get on a boat.

      Theres some information about how to hitchike a boat on our website www. and you’ll also find positions available in this websites: (paid) (free) (paid). I also find useful some groups in Couchsurfing, look for “Boat hitchiking” “Couchsailing internatonal” “The sailing sailors project” and “A couch on a boat”. There are lots of rides and you might find the one you like.

      I’m supperhappy to have read your post anyway! I’ll keep in touch about that ecovillage, would love to visit 🙂

      Molt d’amor germà!

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