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      Ramin Krause

      We recently received an email by a family living in Halle, Belgium.

      The grandfather restored a 70’s racing yacht before he died of cancer in 2009.

      “In one of his last conversations he asked me to finish it but I really don’t know where to start.
      It is filled with memories about him.
      It is disassembled (motor, mast, …), some parts are already renewed but there is still a lot of work.”

      If you are interested in taking the job over please contact the Alternative Sailing Community.

      All the Best


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      Heyyy would love to know mre anout this bost, what exactly has to be fixed, is this boat ment to be a communal boat where exactly it is located , we are now in spain and qould love to inow if we have the possibility to make that bost sail again!!

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      Would like to get an update on the vessel.

      If it is still in Belgium that is very close to my port of amsterdam (netherlands)

      Hope To be of your assistance to add more ships to the fleet……

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      I love to have some more information of this boat! Some contact please?

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