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      Nacho Gonzalez


      I just looking for people here around the mediterranean coast of Spain , interesting in boat rebuild, maybe we can create a project here …
      I have passion for sailing and very amazed by this project , lets built some thing here :).

      Also filmmaker and photographer .


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      Christian Linder

      Hola Nacho!
      Yo tengo un proyecto en marcha en Barcelona. Estoy construyendo una canoa polinesia (outrigger canoe) y quiero hacer una expedición, navegar toda la costa Brava en ella y filmarlo.
      Tú de dónde eres?

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      Arnaldo fernandes .

      nacho acabo de llegar de españa , estoy en reino unido , tengo mucho tiempo tratando de comunicarme con personas que tienen un mismo sueño como el mio , ademas tengo algo de dinero listo para un proyecto como el tuyo y echarme a la mar , si te interesa podemos encontrarnos en españa y asi meterle un poco de mi anergia al proyecto .

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      Ups, no se si este es el lugar adecuado. Somos padre e hijo de una ecoaldea en Barcelona ( y estamos buscando zarpar este verano hacía las Baleares. No tenemos barco, solo nuestra manos y la experiencia de un par de viajes anteriores en veleros. Buscamos alguien que nos quiera llevar desde Barcelona o un punto no muy lejano. Ofrecemos intercanvio de curro, especies y/o dinero, y podemos aportar también verdura y fruta ecològica de nuestra cosecha. Somos apañados y tenemos 9 y 42 años! Si sabes de algo, nuestro contacto es

      un abrazo!

      arnau y martilua

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      cezar popescu

      Dear brother Nacho, I would love to meet us all and we all to join each other in a grate peaceful white fleet of PEACE as the grate family of the free people of this living planet and Universe… I do not know why the activity on this grate forum simply stopped so many months ago? Is it other forum where all the brothers who wrote here moved and I do not know where and if the activity simply stopped then why did this happen? I am now in Romania heading towards Barcelona to honor an invitation there until I discovered this forum which suddenly opened a lot of other options, one of them being to join your initiative also… I ended the other 2 posts of mine on this grate forum with a list of links through my past and contacts of mine and I will do the same here in the 3rd one but only after a big hug with all my heart:

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      Same here dude! I just found this forum out yesterday but I am happy I did….

      Please fix link to the forum on website…esta muy importante

      I do have a great place to join together but it is not warm here in amsterdam…
      there is a collective of people that could support us if we want/ask!

      Big hugs,


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      cezar popescu

      Dear brother Nacho,

      I started to communicate with our brother Yuri via gmail and he asked me if I contacted you when I had been to Spain middle of last month and I wrote him I had grate communication problems because of the politics of lycamobile to block tethering and, when I finally discovered this and decided to buy a vodafone prepay sim card, my mother called and told me she broke her left femural head and I had to abort all my efforts to set the internet connection and contact you properly (on laptop and not on phone I barely see the text on and all the rest of limitations of android) and took the first flight the same evening back to romania to help her through the prosthetic implant surgery and recovery…
      Although at 80s, she is strong and healthy otherwise and the recovery should be a fast one and, as soon as I will receive the green light from her to fly, I will surely do it back to Gibraltar or Spain or Nederland or wherever the most alive activity of our family-community will happen then or where the most of us will be already gathered for the start of the european fleet where I would love to meet both you and brother Yuri and as many of us as possible and contribute with all my being from all my heart to this grate and very important initiative for the whole mankind…
      I do not know if you saw my post around the unsinkability property that boats can have and I will copy and paste here, as the fallowing words, those shared by me and brother Yuri about this aspect of sailing, your Polynesian Canoe project and James Wharram catamarans:

      So you was in Spain? I hear something about building Polynesian canoe project …did you go there?
      It is also very interesting to build a catamaran…. also know this one guy here in Amsterdam who wants to sell his catamaran but no buyers…… he had already dropped the price very low.
      A catamaran would make a fantastic permaculture boat…. especially the James Wharram catamarans. Very low maintenance because everything is fastened with ropes and very inexpensive overall….

      (Being vegan and knowing catamarans are not able to turn back by themselves after being capsized, I ask how would be permaculture possible on an unsinkable mono-hull? What proportion from the regular number of sailors on a boat should be reduced to make space for the permaculture needed to feed the remaining sailors? Could be half-half a real solution for this? I ask because I do not have now enough knowledge and experience into permaculture, vegan being – shame on me 🙂 )

      … bla-bla already covered above … without being able to contact Nacho Gonzalez with the Polynesian canoe project and his project is not so safe and I wrote on the forum about 2 friends of mine, the german Sebastian, Se Ma on Facebook and the argentinian Aitor who survived each one to the sinking of the boats they ware sailing and I exclude this scenario from my future experiences and this is why I also posted on the forum about the unsinkable option a boat can have and I pursue through acquiring an already unsinkable boat or making it so before launching it on water…

      Also me:
      4 – I AM IN, IN ANY WAY…

      Already touching aspects of some degree of detail, I see suitable for me to mention here also the critical and extremely important subject for the whole mankind in fact, ashore also, of the seawater as the ideal source of harmless and clean fuel for all the possible needed applications, like propulsion, hitting, cooking, use of electric and pneumatic appliances and tools, computing, communications and RADAR, day and night and in prolonged cloudy and no wind conditions when the solar panels and wind generators are useless:

      In the end of this post I hug you all with all my heart!

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      cezar popescu

      Instead of mistaking and sharing the particular youtube video with HYDROX MOBILE, my intention was to post the entire youtube search result list by ”hho boat” and this is why I will do it now and please all of you to seriously take into the consideration this extremely important subject for the whole humanity:

      The most expensive commodity is ignorance and humanity already payed his own one with awful much of owns well-being and life and of the whole marvelous Living Cosmic Being whom we call Mother Earth, along with the rest of the other Children of Her…

      Big hug again to you all with all my heart!

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      I’m on the mediterranean coast of France, not so far from Spain (300km from BN)
      i’ve been fixing a 33ft sloop from 1976 for about 1year and a half, on and off because of working to keep the finances afloat :d
      anyway, now I have money and I’m going to start fixing again in july
      you can contact me if you want to meet up, give a hand, or just exchange and imagine together ho we can make the alternative sailing possible here, in the Med and also elsewhere around europe (atlantic, channel, north sea etc.)

      I hope to be able to sail this autumn, although that’s not won yet
      could be sailing to corsica in the autumn, get there and pick mandarines and fish and enjoy the nice beaches 😀

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        sounds nice! I still do not know if i would be free, but if you give me your contact I’ll try to contact you during the summer, my contact is

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      My boat is also from 1976! I am from 1979 lol….

      Would love to sdail down to the med and visit you in france.

      My boat is already sailing and has relatively not much work……

      I will be free…am working on ending all my ties to amsterdam

      Maybe I should take one cargobike/biketaxi with me….or sell all of them

      Best regards,


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      cezar popescu

      my dear brothers,

      apart of designing an easy to build 7 m dream-boat i accepted an invitation to join a sea brother in fixing some boats at the black sea shore to warm up myself a little bit but being free of any con-tract (my mother is also recovering grate from surgery and went out alone today for the first time after her fall on 2nd of march) and being also totally passionate about this community i kindly ask you all to count on me and contact me for joining any kind of gathering or preparations regarding it and i will probably „fly” on my folding bike with the free diving fins on and maybe with a para-glider wing equipped also till then to the given location in the shortest time possible 🙂 …

      as usual, big hug with all my heart for you all!

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