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    yo !

    I purchased a 1976 aluminium 3/4ton (33ft) almost 2 years ago
    since then i’ve been fixing it slowly, now I’m working in Marseille because I need money to keep fixing it.
    I’ll stop working in July, and go back to the boat and start fixing again.
    For now I am doing this project alone, but one day it will surely become something collective, and starting a group of collective boats in Europe sounds like something really necessary (although difficult)
    later in the canarian islands, the caribbean or even Pacific, meeting other sailing folk ?

    all this to say, if you’re interested we can meet up, you can come spend some time near Sète on the coast this summer, fixing and possibly sailing (I hope to get back to the water in september/october, and could sail towards Corsica before the winter)

    I have a bit of knowledge that i’m happy to share, and we can imagine together how we can make the dream of alternative sailing possible :d
    also if you’re in the area in May/June, we organize a cool alternative journey / festival, along the Canal du Midi between Sète and Toulouse
    here is the wiki with all the info (in French) :
    everything is DIY and funded by ourlseves only, everything we sell is on donations, no fixed price
    there will be rafts and boats paddling and motoring along for 2 months

    yay :>

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