Communal sailing vessel ready to open her hatches, currently in the mediterranea

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      I live a board a traditional (converted) danish fishing vessel, with my daughter and dog.

      I look for another like minded family, or individual peope who would like to share our life at sea and enable me to cruise with my boat, which I am unable to do currently.

      You would need to be able to fund yourselves as well as helping out with maintenance costs for the vessel

      Mechanics, carpentry, electrical skills all especially sought.

      Interested people would need to have knowledge of boats and a similiar mindset to me to be able to make it work.

      Thanks for reading!

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      Hi MFV!

      Thanks for sharing your idea with the universe. Sure would be a bit more helpful if you give some more details of the idea of sharing you’re offering, where in the mediterranean are you based, if your boat is ready to sail or need some fixing, some information of the boat (size, how many people you intend to have on bpard), and what’s (if you have any) your idea of where you’d like to cruise to.

      Sure they are people wanting to help you out to be part of it!

      One more thing, you say you’re unable to cruise with your boat by yourself, what do you mean with that? It is important to make the right call if captains/helm experience is also needed 🙂

      Much love

      P.S: we’d love to see your beauty, have you got any pictures?

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      I am currently in the Balearics but with Morocco or Portugal in mind for the winter months.

      The boat is ready to cruise…would be nice to have a desalinator unit and upgrade her rig before going too far as she is currently more of a motor boat – albeit a very economic one! I have plans to make her a sailing ship but it is a big project that needs more hands than only my two, though I see no major obstacles in doing so.

      The boat is 18 meters length, built in Denmark in 1959 of oak planks on oak frames – she is a go anywhere boat, built to break ice!!

      I have been using the boat as a charter vessel for the last few years, with myself as captain. But the boat is really a bit big for solo cruising with a young daughter.

      I don’t have any set plans on where to go. I have lived on boats for 15 years and cruised with my family for several years. I have a notion to sail around the world, but with no time frame.

      I don’t know how to put a picture of her up?

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      More info:

      The boat has currently 7 berths in 2 cabins and 1 heads – so at the moment I have 5 berths comfortably free in the form of a double berth and 3 bunks.

      I am fairly open minded and relaxed but I do like things to be shipshape onboard and for everybody to pull their weight. I love (most) kids!

      The boat is currently commercially licensed for charters and I will work her here until the end of September, but then I would like to do something else with the boat. I have been considering setting her up for cargo carrying but would first like to convert her rig so we can do it under sail.

      Feel free to ask any questions or contact me for more information

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        Where are you now?

        Sure like the idea of cargo vessel…imagine you could find some nice transport opportunities between ecovillages in terms
        of people and products.

        I am ship (interior) builder and did a lot of work on BIG wooden historical ships. (the ‘korneliske ykes II’) (For english, I have worked on the ‘batavia’ and the battleship ‘7 provincieen’ really old pirateships, one of the biggest wooden shipbuilding projects in the world actually)

        On the last shipyard i am still working. Everything, and i really do mean everything we make ourselves !? (massive) hulls, ropes, sails , blocks, and yes even the historical canons we cast ‘ourselves’ !!! . It is like the only permanent wood shipbuilding yard that does it just like hundreds of years ago, a truly amazing place to learn some real skills!! (but then again, they also have the tools and funding to get things done…allthough this all start with one old guy just starting to build with almost nothing…another amazing story)

        Have a steel ship myself, want to go and travel and like the idea of community very much.

        Would be interested in helping you out with rigging that relatively old danish vessel of yours….

        Regards and a big hug (for shouting out),


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