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      First of all, a big thanks to all of you who are part of the alternative sailing community. We were thrilled to learn that this community exists.
      We are two people who recently bought a Dean 365 cat, “Hoppipolla”, and are getting her ready to go sailing and in May 2018 she will become our new home. She is currently moored in Cyprus.
      First, we are interested in networking and creating a community of like-minded sailors in Europe. Within the next 2 to 3 years we intend to go on an extended sailing voyage and it would be fantastic to do this in community.
      Second, we intend to go sailing in the Easter Med (likely Cyprus to Greece) from around 18.06.2017 for about one month. We don´t have a lot of experience yet, and that is one of the reasons why we are looking for one or two people who would like to join us for some time and who could teach us some skills, while having a good time.
      If you are interested, why don´t you get in contact?

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      Sorry people. A mistake: It was meant to say 18.07.2017, not June!

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      hippie pirate

      hi my brother i am living in greece we can travel together with 2 boats i have my own and i can also teach you anything i can.
      peace and love!
      kostas-hippie pirate

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      Aloha Kostas, just saw your message now…

      Sounds great. We´ll be moving onto our boat full-time in August. Then do some work on it and then start sailing in Turkey and Greece.

      If you share some contact details, we can connect directly.

      Fair winds 🙂

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