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    Hi there!

    I have bought a ship to sail the worldseas….solo (and very slow tempo, the rest of my life)!

    I find out about this sailing community, and would love to take part in a European fleet first….

    These are 2 completely different things… and now i have 2 design plans for my boat
    1 is perfect for me and 2 is perfect for community boat….

    The boat has GREAT potential for both!!

    Am looking for crew …most of my friends are not willing to go … except for one….

    I am looking for that one extra person who really wants to do this, wants to learn sailing
    and wants to build on a project (for a short period, couple of weeks)

    Helping out on this project means you earn a place amongst the crew!
    (and we will be joining the european fleet, or thing go in another positive way)
    You will also be supported during your stay….

    Contact me (PM) for more details etc!

    PS I am very relaxed and forgiving guy who does not judge others and
    has the motivation and discipline to make a community/boat crew work….

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    –Front Page–

    Über die SY SAILOR MOON

    This is not my website!

    I cannot upload the pictures …..

    But this couple is sailing the world with sister ship

    so it is more to get an idea about the boat…

    Oh yess… and all I am looking for in new crew…is friendly people

    Nothing else… friendly is all you need to be!

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    Hey free spirits,
    im in the same situation. just done with the boatyardwork doing my first sailtries on the ijssel sea.
    i would love to go to warmer countries such as spain. it would be fantastic to share the journey. i have 1 or 2 beds free for any kind spirit.
    you have to be humble as i am. the boat is only 7,6 m long. easiest to get information is eather:
    youtube: andy sailor

    or just message me:

    lets go

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    Could I still try to be a crew ?

    my email –

    Best wishes

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