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      We’re three-four fairly still wet-behind-the-ears Swedish sailers planning to sail across the atlantic from Gran Canaria to Barbados in like December or something. Then we’ll probably cruise around the Caribbean for a while, and if we like the life, continue across the pacific. We’re sailing an Allegro 33 from 1979 – classic Swedish cruiser. (A total beaut!)
      We’re also climbing nerds, so we’re going to scout around for any opportunity to squeeze rock!

      To be honest, we have approximately zero experience of sailing long distances – but we have watched plenty of youtube clips!

      Anyone else here planning to cross around the same time? Or maybe someone cruising around the Caribbean feeling they need some more hippie company in their sailing life?

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      Amélia La Haye

      Hi! I would be super interested in joining you! I am also a climber!!!!! Yahouuu

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      Sam Caldwell

      I sent you a private message, I would be super keen to join you (:

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