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    Hi piratas!
    I write you from Las palmas de gran canaria. Im living in my boat in the port of las palmas . And here i talk just now with the boss of the port about more than30 abandoned sailboats. That some of them they will sell very very cheap and anothers they will destroy. Some of them are realli so much work to do to give them life again. But there is mani that you can get for free and repare it. Allso is a public port so if you show a social project probably you can get evwn the ones that are for sale get it for free. Because what they want is no more problems. They want they go away… its really one of the best oportunitys i saw. I dont take any boat because im reaaly bussy restorin my old one. But there is maaaaaany good boats for free. Its crazy!
    Guys come with your love power al give life to this sailboats!
    Big hug!

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    uouuu!this is an amazing oportunity! Do you know any more info,or with who can we talk to know anything else? Really thank you!!!

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    Woow sounds amazing! I will be in Las Palmas by the end of August. You think by then there’s still the opportunity to get a boat? Me and some friends are really keen on that:)

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    yes guys come as soonest possible with all the family you can get and make a god and convincent project. here is maaany boats to give life. i dont know if they will destroy some of them before august. because the boss told me soon will hapend , but you nou canary rithem …. relax… but they have like 10 boats now in proces, but there is like 20 o 30 more that will start the process after, so you will have more oportunitys.

    I talk about you with the boss of the port and he was not shure about the idea because he think that if you get some boats and then after you see they have soo much work you will leave abandond again and they will need to make again a loong proces to take this boats out… but he is allso a man of the see and he dont like to destroy boats, so if you create a kind of contract that protect some how the port of this of abandond the boat again you can take many boats. Or you ofer to keep some boats to repare and the rest you keep to put on land of people like smalls hostels…. i dont know. but the port have to pay a looots of money to destroy every boat, so if they make a project clear and safe for them every body will be happy!

    Really i saw many oportunitis of boats, and here is a very good oportunity to make a biig fleet!

    big huug

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    Milen Voivodov

    Hello Mowly,
    Have been dreaming for a boat for life and with salary I get a one in good condition is galaxies away. Pls, send a link or smtng of how to get in touch with these guys and see if I can get one cheap. Thanks mate!

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    Allright so me and my friends are definetly going to restore one boat if when we arrive in August/September and there’s still the opportunity.
    Is it possible to get some pictures from at least one or two of the boats so we can check the conditions and how much effort it’ll take for us ? 🙂
    I already thank you so much for your help and efforts mate!

    Greetings Julian

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    Pictures?please..a little more info..what condition?

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    Captain Ulysses


    Thank you for posting this!

    We are searching for the perfect swashbuckling ship to help us from our old barge in the Amsterdam to a seaworthy community home.

    Our concept of our project is an economy of trade where people can also trade stories. -> Check

    Do you know if there would be a ship available from 20 to 35 meter?

    Looking forward to hear from you.


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    Hi! I would like to get more information. Ready to arrive from St. Petersburg to give a second life to a good boat.

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    Greg 76

    thanks for posting, i’m going to take a look hope to post pictures more for all you who are intrested

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    No photos or any kind of information. I think this is all scam.They are only trying to build there site bigger but no meaningful info.

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      Greg 76

      sceptics go to another heading
      I spoke to captanerie its true

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    Any news?

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    Greg 76

    Las Palmas port…..update boats info check Web site for sealed bid auctions
    4 worthy boats soon to be auctioned with more to follow. Advised to keep checking website.
    Photos on my Facebook

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    Hi pirates.
    Yes sorry to give you ilusion and uncertainty but at the moment i’m veeeey busy triing to make advance my boat. But you will find information in internet as Greg 76. But for the boats they want to destroy you may have to contact with the boss of the port, hes name is Manolo, and if you contsct with him you cave to be clear and with a sure project that you want to make with this boats. or just ask about the boats and posibilitis.
    BUt yes beter if you make a good project that save them of posible future problems of abandond the boat again…
    Its dificult to make fotos of all the abandoned boats because they are all over the port , but if i pas next to some i will make photos.
    and there is 2 boats of 20 m for occion and one i think of 16 …. but may more of less . al allso there is prived ports inside the publik one and they have allso veri nice abandoned boats, but every time i came inside the ofice asking about them, the posh recepcionist look me up to down with a disgusted face and told me, you can not do nothing with this boats, bye…

    Captain ulises. In Aguilas (south cost of spain there is a 10 years abandoned 38M aluminium boat quetch , the name is Penelope. you can find in internet. some friends tried to get it , and the didnt care to gave away or leave it there , you know funcionist people …but if you make some project and the news paper show you project and whats is the costs to have a abandoned boat for the state.. probably they say okey we have to do something with it…
    okey i start to do things ! now i have to repare my gear box ! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    big hug!

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    Hi every one. I have aome photos of the ships. Where i cas upload that all of you can see?
    Big hug!

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      Sava Chankov

      Mowly, you can upload photos to any free image hosting site and share the link. I’d suggest

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    Cool !!!!!!!!!

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    Captain Ulysses

    Is there anyone available at Las Palmas that would like to help out and join our project? 🙂


    This is our current barge in Amsterdam, See-worthy but not Seaworthy. 😉


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