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    First of all, a big thanks to all of you who are part of the alternative sailing community. We were thrilled to learn that this community exists.
    We are two people who recently bought a Dean 365 cat, “Hoppipolla”, and are getting her ready to go sailing and in May 2018 she will become our new home. She is currently moored in Cyprus.

    We intend to go sailing in the Easter Med (likely Cyprus to Greece) from around 18.06.2017 for about one month. We don´t have a lot of experience yet, and that is one of the reasons why we are looking for one or two people who would like to join us for some time and who could teach us some skills, while having a good time.
    If you are interested, why don´t you get in contact?
    Email: at

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    Ahoi there!

    Thx for leaving a message! and for the positivity….Good to hear there are more and more likeminded ppl…

    I have some catamaran experience and considering your offer right now….
    Would have to leave my own boat (my house) behind and that is tricky.

    Anyway i will ask around and hopefully get back to you guys soon with some news…..

    will mail you later….

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    Kia Ora Yuri,

    wonderful. Sounds fantastic! Thanks for your feedback and feel free to be in touch. Would be good to have a chat about sailing and also about creating community.

    Where are you currently located? Anyways, hope to talk more soon.


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    Hey Yuri,

    sorry, I made a mistake. We are actually intending to leave round 18th of July, not June!…

    Hope to talk soon.


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    Kia Ora Lars,
    heard that one in a while ;P)

    Thx for telling me, July (not June) also gives me more time to arrange something, great!

    I am currently located in the netherlands, getting ready to leave for the med in september 2017.

    Greece is FUCKING hot that time of the year, trying not to think about that too much…hoping for lots of breeze.


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    Hey Yuri,

    awesome, thanks so much for your help. Wonderful!

    Yes, I know, but no other choices for us until we quit our jobs next year 🙁

    We are also trying to get info on the cheapest (while still safe) options for leaving our boat somewhere in the med. Currenlty it´s in a cheap marina in Cyprus, but still too expensive 🙂 If you have any pointers or suggestions, please fire them at me…

    No interest in convenience or luxuries, just needs to be somehwere safe (and cheap ideally)….


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      In greece you have a lot of places with free docking at the community ‘harbour’/wall … but that is already full most of
      the time and when the winds are not in your favour it is a hell…so its not really safe etc,
      I do not know any specific place in the moment but in general it is also cheaper in Turkey, but you will have to make the deal happen.
      There are places where they do not overcharge you for having a catamaran, but I assume you are already in this kind of place.

      Most people leave their boat on shore, but i understand a catamaran is more costly to lift (but lifting your boat in the right place is cheaper then in my country anyway).

      Finally their is only 2 cheap ways…..keep the boat sailing and put it out on anchor…
      And then when you leave your boat behind, you lift it out of the water and put it on some cheap land….

      Just firing some of the suggestion I have, wish i could do more (if you want me to contact marinas for you I will do, maybe you
      are in a position where this is more diffcult for you…..)


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    Thanks for keeping this alive, people! Slowly but steady, more and more people joins :). I can’t join you for this summer, as I am busy, but I send you all my energies!

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    Hola Alhambro!

    I’ve been living and sailing around Cyprus for the past 4 years(sailing since I was a nino). I’d be happy to share any knowledge I might’ve gained about the Island, as well as advice about restorations or sailing in general.

    I’d love to help cultivate any sort of DIY blue anarcho-sailing community around the Near East. The radical communities here tend to be too far inshore(and justifiably engaged in dealing with other political situations). I’ve done the trip to Greece several times, and there are a few small communities that organize trips and lessons and the like, but they’re mainly hobbyists and racers. We look forward to having you guys on the island for a bit. Is the boat in Zygi? I’ve been working on a 28ft I traded my car for there for the past few months. If anyone wants to meet up or needs any advice about the Cyprus area I’m around.

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