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      Hello everyone 😀

      I just found out about this community after doing some research for my own plans to travel the world.
      The connection is defintely there! I feel my soul vibrating with this!!

      I have actually already got a two masted , 31ft , steel pirate sailing ship that needs some work but is
      for the most part ready to go….

      Personally I am from Amsterdam with some sailing experience and experience living in freehavens and ecovillages.
      We actually have got a freehaven here in Amsterdam that is disappearing right now! (the last one; called ADM).
      Time to leave this nasty place that Amsterdamn turned into!!!

      What I am looking for is more boats and people to join… there are already some boats and people that are planning
      to do this!! The locals here are getting connected as we speak so you can read……this is callout inside the
      community itself and to all the people who are not yet connected and at a distance from this project;

      Come and join this (part of a) fleet in Amsterdam, we have space, work, skills, docking area, ways to make money….

      Big hugs,


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      my email address is

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      cezar popescu

      Dear brother Yuri,

      You might already be aware of the fact that you can count on me if you will need help to move from ADM to warmer places, around Spain maybe, to meet other like-minded brothers and sisters of us but I write this replay at least with the idea of starting the series of replays to your warm open message 🙂

      Keeping close, a big hug with all my heart!

      PS: I am still wandering why so low activity on this so grate site and forum… Are we so few and so much put into static states and silence? We will see…

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